Emergency Actions

    In the event of livestock escaping within the confines of the Agricultural Society showgrounds, office staff personnel, Society committee persons. Other accredited officials should:

    • Notify the Show Society warden (Secretary’s office)

    • Warden to communicate with gatekeepers to close gate exits

    • Alert public in attendance via showground public address system that livestock has escaped from restraint, request public to be alert and not take action to endanger themselves, others or the livestock

    • Confine or isolate if possible the area of loose livestock and evacuate the immediate area

    • Seek assistance of persons skilled in handling livestock to capture loose livestock

    • Notify Show Society warden of action taken

    The Society’s Secretary’s office should notify the public address system announcer to deliver the following announcement ONLY IF THE FIRE IS DEEMED TO ENDANGER THE PUBLIC.

    Repeat announcement twice.

    ‘Here is an important announcement. There is a fire ( state where ).
    People in the immediate area should move to a safe area.
    You are advised not to take any action which might endanger yourself or others.
    The incident will be brought under control as quickly as possible.’

    Emergency control personnel, who should include the Agricultural Society committee members, and registered security staff employed by the Society, should:

    • Notify the Show Society warden

    • Notify the police by dialling 000 and requesting assistance

    • Do not say anything that may encourage irrational behaviour

    • Alert any other emergency control personnel in your vicinity

    • Initiate action to:

    1. Restrict entry to the building, or area of incident, if possible

    2. Confine or isolate the presence from building occupants, or area, if possible

    • Report to Show Society warden regularly regarding the status of occupant safety

    • Evacuation should be considered (only if safe to do so)

    • Have as many people as possible complete the ‘Description of Offender’ form

    In the event of required medical assistance, office staff personnel or the Agricultural Society committee persons or other accredited officials should:

    • Check for any threatening situation and remove or control (if safe to do so)

    • Remain or unsure a responsible person remains with the casualty and provides appropriate support

    • Notify first aid personnel

    • Notify the warden

    • Notify the ambulance by dialling 000

    • Designate someone to meet the ambulance at the showground main gateway (ensure the ambulance is instructed to enter via……..Road entry) and direct it to the location of the casualty


    • Provide support and appropriate assistance

    • Arrange so the casualty is not left alone

    • Do not move the casualty unless they are exposed to a life-threatening situation

    • Report the incident to the designated Safety Officer if not already attended to

    Timelines and actions may vary with the maturity of the child, the information received and the level of the child’s distress

    Child left unattended

    If it is determined that a child is lost or left unattended, a staff member should try to identify and locate the parent/caregiver, according to the following procedure:

    • Reassure the child

    • Ensure that TWO adults are with the child at all times

    • Walk around the area with the child, looking for the parent / caregiver and informally asking for assistance. Often other people in the area can provide information

    • Take the child to the Secretary’s office and keep them amused. A staff member is to stay with the child at all times until the parent / caregiver can be found

    • Ask the child for any information they may be able to give, ie their name, parent / caregiver name/s, mobile phone number

    • If a mobile number is available, try calling it

    • If, after a reasonable time, the parent / caregiver is not located, have the Secretary contact police to attend

    Child reported missing or lost

    If a parent / caregiver reports a child missing, staff are to adopt the following procedure:

    • Obtain name, age and description of the child

    • Inform staff at the Secretary’s office and request their assistance in locating the child

    • Provide a name and description of the child

    • Check all areas thoroughly, including toilets

    • With the parent / caregiver permission, have the operations centre contact police

    • If the child is found, inform staff

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